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Our abundance comes from a willingness to give. We have formed strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations that advance humanitarian causes. Entrepreneurship is also a topic very close to our hearts. Together, we have created some really cool connections to better mankind.

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No limitations on our brand of entertainment. We are a multi-talented company that handles many forms of entertainment needs. Private Events, Stage Plays, Theatrical Performances, and Live Music are only some requests we can create a vision for.  What will entice your audience?


Its Finally BACK! We’ve heard your comments, read your emails, and an appreciated all the calls. The original ballet following the life of Christ and His fulfillment of prophecy returns. Featuring the iconic choreography of Elisa Batts and award-winning soundtrack by Ben Roundtree and Worship Orchestra of Washington. Come witness and be moved by this inspiring ballet. The Prophecy returns April 2017!

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I loved the atmosphere of praise and worship at the end, and the cast’s obvious joy at what was accomplished thru them! My group (5 of us) could tell that you really give God the glory and we’re impressed at the quality of the work you produced and ministered on such a tight schedule

-Mery Lynn  ( Esther-Queen Of Persia )



We want to use our platform to encourage, uplift, and help those we are connected to. That means as many people as possible. From our audiences, to artists, to partners… our goal is to create a win-win for everyone involved. Every production we take part in starts by analyzing the bigger picture and bigger purpose.

Anything’s Possible

The beautiful truth about imagination is that it’s only limited by the creator. Create that enticing storyline ...Depict any vision.. Recreate raw emotion. At Stage Left, we challenge our limits and look for the impossible.

We believe that the right connections is a very important factor for success. In addition to working with individuals, we also team up with small businesses and non-profit organizations. We are blessed to house and collaborate with some of the world’s most amazing talents.

The accuracy of the script, the sound quality, the choreography was outstanding! LOVED the sackcloth & ashes piece. Also, the simplicity yet effectiveness of the set, vocal/acting ability of everyone (esp. the King & Esther) and the story, overall. Very believable. Very professional.

-Lloyda Forbes

This was the most AMAZING thing that I’ve EVER seen. I would pay to see this seven times over. The dancers were truly phenomenal and the staff were very kind and friendly. I felt like I was literally back in the days of Christ. I would definitely go to every event that Stage Left has!

-Maria Smith ( The Prophecy )

Make your next occasion a true memory for all of your guests. We spice up Award Ceremonies, Celebrations, Anniversaries, Graduations, Exclusive Dinners and more. Stage Left will provide just the right mix of entertainment to keep you and your guests engaged. Let’s pull off something special.

Some of the most captivating story-lines have yet to be told. Is there a huge idea in your head, but you just don’t know how to give it life? Or maybe just a few touches would change EVERYTHING? In addition to our own productions, we provide services to help you share your ideas. Our purpose is to help express your intriguing messages, gripping plot twists, and other original inspirations.

Trained Songstress... Full Symphony...Hip-Hop Performer...Skilled-Juggler... You need talent and we know where to find it. At Stage Left, we take pride in working with very diverse individuals. We also know it’s hard to locate the perfect performance piece. Share your vision and we’ll match you with an exceptional performer.


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